Zoltán Jutasi

CEO of NAVIGATOR Investments

Email: zoltan.jutasi@navigatorinvest.com

Website: Jutasi Zoltán

Jutasi earned his degree at Budapest University of Economic Sciences and Public Administration (now called as Corvinus University of Budapest) in Product Management, Logistics and Company valuation. He established his first business during his years at university, in 1995. In the past 25 years he participated in several buyer- and seller-side acquisitions. He is a versatile strategic and M&A expert, and has several years of experience in leadership. Jutasi has more than 20 years of experience in the fields of portfolio management, financing, risk management and M&A transactions. He has reference in private equity transaction and company is law in the IT, telecommunications, real estate, construction and forwarding sectors. Specializations: strategic decision making, management, strategic project management, corporate and business strategy, business development, corporate governance, organizational development and M&A.