Gyöngyvér Bajtek

Project Director

Gyöngyvér Bajtek graduated from Széchenyi István University with a degree in Civil Engineering in 1985, and also earned a degree in System Management at the College of Public Administration (1996) and in Healthcare Management at the Semmelweis University Faculty of Public Health (2014). For 12 years, as a lead structural designer she worked on the structural design of domestic and foreign buildings as the owner of a design office. Then, as a consultant and manager, she was primarily involved in the due diligence, establishment and management of healthcare-related organizations.

Under the direction of the owners, her role at APERUS Pharma is the overall coordination of project participants and the tasks required to achieve the project objectives. She is in charge of relations and also in the preparation of materials necessary to achieve the objectives of the project. She also prepares decision-making proposals for owners of APERUS Pharma.