Business Strategy

APERUS Pharma Co. Ltd. is a project company with the aim to fight Alzheimer’s disease. The founders of APERUS have invested nearly HUF 8 billion on this research project since 2009. The development of the Q134R molecule, identified by AVIDIN Ltd., has already successfully passed the I/a clinical phase, making it suitable for the project to become international. APERUS, as a project company, owns the patents and rights associated with the molecule Q134R and its compound family as well as the indications and method of production.

NAVIGATOR Investments Co. Ltd., which organizes and manages private equity investments, has acquired a minority stake in APERUS Pharma Co. Ltd. The new company was established together with AVIDIN, an R&D biotechnology company based in Szeged (Hungary), in order to be able to fund the R&D project in a targeted manner. Accordingly, NAVIGATOR Investments Co. Ltd. is an SME investor in Hungary and responsible for the business strategy development of the project.

DREM Ltd. and HÉGELY Holding Ltd. joined the group of stakeholders. Both companies provide technical and financial support as well as strategic consultancy for APERUS Co. Ltd.
DREM Ltd. is an R&D company providing comprehensive solutions in IT, engineering, and health, led by physics researchers from Eötvös Loránd Science University, Budapest.
The main profile of HÉGELY Holding Ltd. is asset management with the establishment of Vascular Plazma network being its first major achievement.