About Us


APERUS Pharma Co. Ltd. is a Hungarian drug development company with the objective of managing the R&D process and marketing of our small molecules in the field of neurodegenerative diseases. This includes the molecule named Q134R which is a promising clinical drug candidate against Alzheimer’s disease. APERUS was founded and is majority owned by AVIDIN Ltd., a pharmaceutical research company with special focus on neurodegenerative diseases and cancer. AVIDIN’s Medicinal Chemistry Department has made major discoveries of potential drug candidates, including Q134R. APERUS owns all the rights and patents of Q134R and its related compound family.


To date, every drug candidate which entered clinical trials against Alzheimer’s disease has failed because of limited effects on an individual biological pathway, protein or enzyme. They fell into the category of the current paradigm “one gene, one target, one drug”. However, Alzheimer’s disease is characterized by multiple targets and multiple factors involving physiological and biochemical mediators, leading to cognitive and memory impairment and neuronal death. APERUS aims to develop an effective multi-target directed drug that could become a new cornerstone in the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease.